A roll on bed liner is a fast way to save money. This truck bed liner paint option is not best for every truck, but they may make sense for yours. Here's where a diy bedliner makes sense and the basic steps to get a liner plus how to get started fast. Look at this before you start... Click here to get more details about the Herculiner bed liner kit... Why a Roll On Bed Liner? Save big money if you do it yourself whether you use the roll on option or the brush on coatings. Especially for an older truck, this may be just the answer to a better looking truck. Now, if your pickup is a later model truck worth a lot of money, you probably want a spray on liner. Why? A professional coating is thicker and tougher than a do it yourself version. Plus you get a guarantee that includes repair if there's damage. That's a good deal. The roll on bedliners will not be nearly as think as the professional spray in liner and not as durable. It's not really a Rhino Liner do it yourself at all. But, it may be plenty good enough... Here's how to get going... Do It Yourself Prep See, the real key is the prep for the coating. That's simple. It's a good cleaning and then some heavy sanding. Now the cleaning is to get off all the old grease or wax. It's more than just washing. It's a fast wash with a wax remover or acetone. Do this before any sanding.

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